Beautiful Brilliant Summer Reds

Everyone’s talking *light reds* this time of year and I’ve been drinking a bunch of them.  Here are my 3 favorites THIS WEEK:

HAUNER Hiera  I’ve had this wine 20 times this month and am continually blown away by its originality and versatility.  Funky Euro depth, never bogged down, bright and fruity but NOT Gamay. Something the snobs will love and the tourists will chug, and full retail in the 20’s!  Oh and the best label anywhere. or

DOMAINE FOUET Saumer Champigny  Beautiful funk and rust covering gobs and gobs of spicy rich fruit.  A true crowd-pleasing Loire CF. or

AMPLIFY WINES Carignane   Throw out all you’ve been instructed to think about Carignane and start over.  Start with the color and density.  The 13.5 says everything else.  Partially carbonic and delicate as a feather!

And GREAT bargains!  These are all going to run $22-$28 full retail, $35-$45 resty depending on market.  Don’t be afraid to put a teensy chill on them!

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