A Teenage Beauty

Clear garnet, considerably bricking with heavy sediment.  Spicy nose of steamed mint and ganache, peppercorns in butter and cola.  A warm vibrancy exudes from all corners, polished and still, showing very little future.  A salty blister needing to be popped, oozing warm saline into soft cotton gauze and tape so polished, so praline dream, so rocky road, so marshmallow cream stirred into fudge and walnuts and espresso beans caked with the sludge of a decade of rest.

Who keeps 15$ wines for 10 years?!? I do.  Laugh all you want, and give me an asterisk for not pulling the bling wines, but I will continue to cherish and savor my tall vertical of Simi wines.  I love these wines and while one must be careful aging supermarket cabs, with Alexander Valley fruit and a winery with this sort of track record, it all makes sense.  These are the wines which get poured out at industry tastings.  There is something about the millennial spirit and palate that excludes wines like this.  Something has been done to this generation of wine-people which will exclaim over thin vapid watery fruit-FWD bombs, but sneer at wines like this.  I don’t get it, but I will continue to enjoy them.

In the mouth, a cinnamon sarsaparilla extravaganza dancing under the ruddy glow, plenty of acid but fruit at prime.  Still and flat at its worst; round, warm and spicy at its best, this is not something you want to keep around for another decade.  I’d say I got my 20 dollars worth.

2005 SIMI WINERY Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma Co.  13.5


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