Short Skirt & a Long Jacket

IMG_20170414_221032_523Deep garnet, no edge and staining.  Some sediment.  Cassis perfection overwhelms the nose, sweet root-beer and petrichor, fat and rich, with a carmelized brown sugar and mascarpone concentration so 2012, inundating and elegant, banana-spicy to a fault and delving into a simplicity so wet cardboard, so forest floor, so sweet nettle and pie-spice.

Yes, I think you can smell 2012.  I would like to think I can.  The fat-tire burnt-ness, the flatulent balance of smoothness and turbidity, cloying in the worst examples, merely decadent in the better.  I’ve had this label three times now–always at a resty, always a well-priced offering on the cab list.  I’ve loved it every time.  This is no exception.

In the mouth, green structure hits first, followed by the smoothness and sweet spice the nose promises.  Cold and crisp, rife with acidity and tannin apparent early.  Mouth-coating and decadent, alcoholic vivre of a distinct lower proof alongside deep-cut mountain stream and blackberry brambles.  Not *massive* by any stretch of the word, but voluptuous fruit alongside biting minerality and clean, calm structure.  Tannin of an almost Alexander Valley nature slice through the finish, thinning the overgrown berry to an image definitely long-aging.

If you run into this wine, you will not regret ordering it.  A classic, ripe, natural Napa Valley cab balanced and pure with a balance barely justifying its stated alcohol.

2012 LONG MEADOW RANCH Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 13.5

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