The 3 Major Food Groups

Was meeting a half-dozen folks at Custom House and grabbed these (no corkage for local wines). Didn’t really notice or intend to get all three so old. The Cargasacchi was the early crowd favorite–which shocked me, as the group was entirely un-snobby and the fact a 11YO pinot could wow this group impressed me. Completely unexpected–but refreshing–that they liked it. I love people-watching with wine. Quite at peak, nutty and round, fruit polished hard, definitely showing better than some of the other Waltzing Bears of the same age in my cellar. The Kiler mellow and ‘smooth’, like all their Cuvee Rouge’s I’ve had, just a solid, well-made blend, nothing horridly *paso* about it. Oh boy the Laetitia though…. Oh man. NOTHING showing 8 years old except the sediment. Bright and blustery, fruit crammed into every corner, not a trace of the 16-2 anywhere, it was bottle number 2 to go empty and a perfect follow-up to the pinot.  These McPrice-Myers’ are easily my favorite wines so ridiculously ripe.

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