Santa Cruz Mountain Splendor

Delirious pecan-butter peach-skin zitrus stone and mountain conifer bouncing high on taut rubber trampoline in the sun. The SCM Chardonnay club is always interesting and those who get it, get it. The decadence off this thing gives great applause to Martin Ray’s new owners keeping the SCM flame alive–still sourcing ALL their legendary varieties from there. SCM Chard carries itself on a plane difficult to describe from other appells we all love–there’s something ethereally smoky and elegant about it without relying on oak-n-butter for depth. In the mouth tannin and acid cut through layers of tropical over a foundation of soft peach and nectarine with a 2-minute finish ricocheting between sweet and bitter. I’d like to thank Martin Ray for appreciating my infatuation with their SCM heritage when they sent these samples. Keep up the good work.

2015 MARTIN RAY Chardonnay Bald Mt. Santa Cruz Mt. 13.8

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