Cabernet With A Purpose

You know what it’s going to smell like the split second it comes out of the glass. I mean, come on! Not to foreshadow or predispose your opinions or anything but you know it’s going to be crammed full of that salty unctuous sweet eucalyptus dusty mint, sweet intelligence in the back of the throat, bright and effervescent with that touch of citrus and still so earthy so downtrodden in the bowels of all that is real, tangible humanity it just rages actual life and not some candy-coated facade of bullshit from checkbook winery. 13 mother fucking five boys and girls and I’m going to keep saying this: if you’re not buying every 2011 from Napa you can find and afford you are going to regret it.

2011 CLOS DU VAL Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 13.5

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