Well. Definitely not Sad.

Brilliant clear ruby, very light and moderate sediment.  I suppose you could imagine the edges somewhat garnet, but any bricking is basic imagination.  Pretty hard-candy fruit pops out initially, soon growing darker and blisteringly tertiary.  Dank moss and wet fabric stretched across willow saplings, waterways carved deep into granite–ridiculous petrichor, dill weed and tar fumes.  A musky, dirty perfume note permeates late-breathing, like a raccoon wearing Avon.

I don’t think this winery exists anymore.  Had a stash of these around, but also am pretty sure this is my last.  It’s been a good run–a really solid wine.  Nothing mind-bogglingly fabulous, but nothing I would kick out of bed, either.

In the mouth, clean fruit goes chalky dense and cruises through a full, ripe middle into a bit of an acrid finish.  Tannins are completely unresolved–still green and ferocious while Cavendish fruit drips all around.  It makes for a finish I have experienced in Sonoma Cabernet at this price-point before.  I think this wine has several more years on it easily.  It is at a strange stage in its life.  At once plump and plummy–on lively adolescent legs, then flopping to scorched La-Z-Boy the next.  I am not unhappy I drank this–my last–at this juncture.

2003 SADLER-WELLS Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Valley 13.9


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