Pick Your Grenache

A couple of BRILLIANT wines, and, in my new policy of not reviewing rosé, I am not going to spend much time on the pink, only to say a proper Grenache product, rife with acidity and perfect fruit.

But the Grenache Blanc.  THAT is an entirely different story.  Pale–almost clear–with a nose flowing overwhelmingly sweet nectar of tropical fruit, Crenshaw and rose.  Mouth-filling and dense, coating every surface with oily brilliance, deep and dark far beyond both its pedigree and appearance.  Crisp and bright, layered in sugary butter and ripe applesauce, I can not stress enough what a perfect white this is.  Green acidity and minerality rush off, leaving a finish burningly decadent while stupidly-ripe liliquoi and white peach vie with a finish one could only argue is “tannic”.  This WILL turn up on a Best-of list for 2017 I PROMISE.  An unforgettable wine.

2016 CURRAN Grenache Gris Santa Barbara County 14.1

2016 CURRAN Grenache Gris Rosé Santa Barbara County 12.9


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