Get Bent

I have no idea what’s going on here. I spotted this wine at Grocery Outlet for like 14 bucks and obviously it caught my eye because there’s basically no Portuguese wines in America and this is a Douro, which I love. Of course Broadbent jumps out at you, I mean is it a Broadbent selection? or what? Turn the bottle around and it says bottled by Niepoort and imported by Broadbent Selections, yes! It’s going on 10 years old and says there’s 250 cases made and nothing more, only it’s “indigenous grapes” which is going to be what ? come on quiz time! what are the four indigenous grapes to Portugal… are there five Reds?

Anyway it’s fairly amazing not a speck of bricking, bright ruby no amber edge whatsoever, non-staining but brilliant big massive fruity nose it honestly smells a little bit hotter than the stated 13.5 but being Europe I’ll give it to him. A little egg carton vegetal nuance in the nose beautiful on the tongue. In the mouth nice fruit nice acidity a nice little tarry bite and sharp acrid bite but not a high note I’d call it a low note acrid a little bit more heat in the finish and awkward little diddling of overripe orange in the late finish but this is a stupidly good wine just a stupidly good wine for pennies.

It had 2 capsules on it a clear capsule then a seal like Port which I’ve never seen on a Portuguese still wine before and then your standard black zinc capsule spun over the top of that, such a weird wine… still big ripe fruit little banana in the nose. What a bargain–I mean this is one of those things… I always say there’s two kinds of wine at Grocery Outlet: wines that SHOULD be there and wines that SHOULDN’T BE THERE and your job is to find the ones that shouldn’t be there! This one should not be there. This is a stupidly good wine for the price.

2007 BROADBENT Douro Portugal 13.5

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