Let’s Be Fränk

Super-pale canary.  Strong petrol and flour–stone ground and granary fresh.  Hard-hitting cut flowers–hairy stems and all–mingle with watermelon-rind and banana peel over spicy liliquoi and grated Parmesan.  I can’t even remember the last time I had a Riesling from Australia.  I pretty much don’t drink wines from teutonic-bottles outside of a couple of areas in the world.  I have to be honest–even though the producer has a stellar pedigree–I was NOT expecting to be blown away.  WOW was I wrong.  This is heavy-hitter dry Riesling.  I’m going to peg it at a full-bodied 12-5, maybe even 13-oh.  In the mouth, tight, beautiful razor-sharp wet paper and honeydew before an onslaught of acid turns the whole thing Sprite-lemon-lime against the turmoil of motor-oil tannins.  Roasted almond and blood, pear-sauce and DG, everything teetering on a shrieking brilliancy in the finish still managing to be buttery.  I’m in love.

2015 FRANKLAND ESTATE Riesling Isolation Ridge Western Australia 12.5

www.franklandestate.com  www.quintessentialwines.com

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