Clarksburg Gold

Pale canary, and not perfectly clear.  Beautiful fresh pear honeysuckle over-shadow an apple-butter depth of ripeness.  Scrubbed marble floors provide a base for towering ginger-ale spiciness.  It ripens and rounds with air while maintaining a lime-zest background almost obfuscated by the headiness of the nose.

I’ve gone on record many times saying Clarksburg is the Chenin Blanc capitol of the World.  Of course I’m right, and don’t let my bull-headedness or the fact “Clarksburg AVA” is THE SMALLEST Wiki entry in all of wine-dom sway your opinion.  And certainly, don’t take my word for it.  Get out and find some!  You’ll quickly see I’m right.  Of course there are people reading this whose heart-rate is currently surpassing that of the mice in their cellars, but these are the same people who have made it their religion to work “Oregon” into every discussion of Pinot Noir ever.

In the mouth, nice even mouth-coating base of more fruit, and you don’t have to wait long before the dull, dry thud of structure comes knocking.  At 42° it is racy and bright–although some of the fullness of the nose gets side-stepped–flowing smoothly into bright acid and off into the dry finish. At 52°, the nose becomes much more European, the petrichor becomes the high middle ground and the acidity screams off into the tannic finish.  I know you’re sick of this lecture, but you’re drinking your white wines too cold, people.  Stop it!  This wine is gorgeous across the entire range, and–based on the fullness–had the alcohol pegged at considerably higher than the 11-9 stated on the label.

This girl popped up on my radar and I immediately went into I HAVE TO HAVE THIS I HAVE TO HAVE THIS I HAVE TO HAVE THIS mode and finally got it in my hands and mouth and am NOT disappointed.  This is ridiculously good Chenin Blanc.  This is ridiculously good white wine, period.  It’s just STUPID-good Chenin Blanc.

2016 MARGINS Chenin Blanc Clarksburg 11.9

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