Franc Perfection

Bright medium ruby with basically no edge.  Dirty baby diaper, smoked sausage and petrichor rule the nose, settling down to a cut grass, cinnamon-stick sorta relative calmness, although *calm* is a complete misnomer for this bottle.  It churns out gobs of nuance nose and mouth, taking a big blustery funky typicity and calmy transforms it into a fruity beauty.

In the mouth, gritty fruit hits hard and never quite relinquishes its grip.  Bitter edges crescendo to full-on gunpowder gear-lube tongue-curling beauty.  Only the fruit exceeds in beauty.  Black, brilliant fruit, but it is really the acid and minerality and tannin which steal the show.  So I’m a little torn on what I like best about this wine.  The Nose, the taste, the finish.  A powerhouse Chinon batting WAY over its price-point.  How can you NOT like a wine like this.  Absolute PERFECTION in cab-franc.

2015 PHILIPPE ALLIET Cabernet Franc Chinon ACC France 12.5

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