Centrally Grown

Dark ruby purple right out to a sheer edge.  Dark dank mind-boggling reduction and oak.  Like a dessert wine, really.  The depth of maraschino syrup, ridiculous thickness, sugary concentration and flat-out jelly approaches Luxardo levels.  Spice cake, warm and frosted, rolled in powdered-sugar frosting whipped with Eagle-Brand milk with just a tiny rusty edge of dankness to attempt balance.

I always sparkle a bit when Livermore wines come in.  You know Livermore is Central Coast, right?  Everything from the South border of Napa Co to the South border of Ventura Co. is Central Coast EXCEPT Santa Cruz Mountains.  And–being a newer AVA–the definition between Central Coast and South Coast is a bit contested, but Santa Monica has firmly landed in South Coast and we will see what happens with things North of there to Santa Barbara County.

In the mouth, thin metallic entry heavy on bitter and acid and light on finesse.  It is shocking how light this wine is on the palate considering the nose.  Pretty fruit briefly engages mid-swallow.  Raspy structure stops by to say Hi late in the mouth and finishes things out in a sort of gas-lamp drudgery.  This is not a horrible wine.  It’s just not a very interesting wine.  And it suffers from intent.  Sweet and fat, with little going on past that, it would be a crowd-favorite in many circles.

2014 NOTTINGHAM CELLARS Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Casa de Vinas’ Livermore 14.4


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