Wolfie Boy

​Probably the greenest, tightest, most vegetal 11 between $30 and $50 I’ve had. At first I was just like, Oh man! But a heavy decant and it’s starting to show the things that we keep coming back to Jack London Vineyard for. Greasy charm and eroding adobe wrapped tight around pie-cherry fruit so greedy and so tight-fisted despite mellow tannins, presenting a nascent dilemma. This is the Kenwood Jack London I am used to. It seems newer vintages and newer labels offer a charm quite relative to current tastes, while my experience with the old screen-print labels has been a labor of shy–and sometimes challenging–love.  Get them while the stores are still full of them!

2011 KENWOOD Cabernet Sauvignon Jack London Vineyard Sonoma Mountain Sonoma Co. 13.5


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