Christopher Robin

Electric clear, light ruby, running to purple edges.  Big heady, fruity nose, a touch of alcohol, but gorgeous spice, red licorice wet blue jeans and strawberry nougat combine with dusty floral.  Deep woodsy oak broods and preens, polished with cassis and a vegetal high-note.

This winemaker has been pulling hoses and running tasting rooms in Paso Robles–across a variety of styles and cellars, and this one-off is the tip-toe entry into producing his own wine.  Carefully sourced fruit and meticulous handling is the culmination of watching, learning–and doing–with the crème de la crème of Paso Robles producers for the past decade.

In the mouth, direct focus on nuance and an unwavering perseverance of fruit, piles and piles of beautiful cherry, nectarine, too-ripe pineapple fruit, longingly fading to the onslaught of healthy tannin.  A concentration far beyond its density in glass bring almost-pinot-like references to mind as you are inhaling and chewing this clear, bright liquid.  This is ridiculously good wine.  I wouldn’t even qualify that by saying it is ridiculously good Grenache.  It’s just flat-out stupid-good WINE.

2012 CHRISTOPHER BLAKE Grenache Paso Robles 14.3

Christopher Blake Wines

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