Kitchen Sink

What’s your favorite cheap Italian *cucina mista* red blend? I don’t even know what’s in this one… and it doesn’t say… and I don’t care. It’s got everything I need. I could drink it every night. Punches hard WAY above its price-point.  Beautiful mellow spicy fragrant stuff just BEGGING for Italian food!

Regular readers will remember Cardella was my 2016 WINERY OF THE YEAR and an absolute must-visit when traveling up or down the boring expanse of I5 in California.  The place is an absolute oasis and I know it is rare to hear me gush about a location, but the WINES!  The wines are just stupidly good, well-priced, and sensibly made: perfectly joining decades of Central Valley Italian grape farming with a progressive taste profile.  Clean, balanced wines across nearly the entire roster–yes, there’s a couple I am not crazy about–but this Boccale blend, the Sangiovese and Barbera and Ruby Cabernet will leave you in wonder how you never heard of this place in Mendota?!? before.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL NOTES

2012 CARDELLA WINERY ‘Boccale’ Proprietary Blend Mendota San Joaquin Valley California 14.0

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