Non Petite

​Boisterous and biting, but no Roseanne Barr. Got the heavy-weight thing going too but swinging Dijon and lavender expressiveness so delicate, so fruity, so ripe and round in the face of carbonated austerity. Rich and buttery as well it should be, with a nice wet cardboard nose running more tahini and parmesean than cellar-floor. Sultry pineapple offsets the Topo-chico bite, running a bright cavalcade of buttery bitter UMAMI far into the finish. Ridiculously good stuff.  Regular readers know I prefer California sparklers over Champagne about 90% of the time, requiring my bubbles smart and fresh and crisp and not bogged down with old-world nuances.  This is the best of both worlds.

NV (2012) PETIT & BAJAN Chard/PN 90/10 Champagne France 12.0

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