Slap RESERVE on it

Burnt trashpile, acrid and flabby at the same time, smoldering detritus barely gets out of the way for Jello-vapid fruit-like artificial wafts of sugary, jacked-up medicinal crap blended into aquarium water. No. Fruit. Whatsoever. None anywhere. There is literally no fruit anywhere in this wine. Green harsh bullshit all the way through the mouth culminating in weird multi-vitamin rubbery battery-acid. Holy fuck WHAT did they do to this poor cab? Who drinks this stuff? 

I’ve dranken a shit-ton of bullshit $50 cabs in my life but this thing takes the cake. Quite possibly the worst wine I’ve had this year–and it’s NOVEMBER. I completely expected a great big huge lush ripe dessert extravaganza which I was not going to fall in love with but I was going to see the merit in and enjoy. And I know there’s going to be people jumping up going hey you can’t judge WA by drinking Columbia Crest but you know what this is $50 Cab and at that price point you should be doing something right. There’s nothing right about this wine.

2011 COLUMBIA CREST Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Columbia Valley Washington 14.5

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