Broom-hilda di Mention

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Shiraz and cab from Sicily!!! Dirty funky dishwater green stemmy goodness in the nose, a little volatile and flabby, punctuated with thin mints and their chocolate coverings melting on hot granite.

In the mouth, a refreshing thinness dispels all new-world associations with *shiraz* while juggling nice fruit in this corner with mountain abrasiveness in that corner. This is a pretty fun wine. It’s really *safe*. I don’t mean that as a slam in this instance–it actually is a ‘nice’ sort of safe. It brings a bunch of tiny beauties to the party and nothing crashes it. Which is another way of saying *balanced* I suppose… It’s just a fun–but fairly simple–good wine. The 300g bottle does it no favors in impression. It would be as lovely in non-punted 25¢ emerald or dead-leaf.

2014 BRUNILDE DI MENZIONE Shiraz/Cab DOC Sicily Italy 14.5

One thought on “Broom-hilda di Mention

  1. I hope you review the Brindisi from this producer currently available at the same “outlet”. There was a familiar note to it that I come across in certain wines that I find borderline repulsive. I equate with cheap but maybe there is an accurate description of the cloying, cheap perfume notes I’m referring to. I suspect you would know what that is properly referred to.


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