Gorgeous med-ruby with edges thinning to wide clear. Flabby and vapid in the nose, a mush of warm banana, hot oatmeal with brown sugar. Shallow, too-warm flirtation with oxidation quells most desire to continue. But I must taste it.

Not sure if this is a regular bottling for them, but a complete miss. Ran into it at Whole Paycheck and got all turgid. After the last half-dozen or so stupid-good Valdiguies crossed my desk vibrant and alive, not mention lots of cru bojo this summer and several nouveau’s this past week, I had fantasies of something fresh and edgy amd good and local. Well, one of four ain’t bad.

Are you sure this isn’t Zin?!? More flab. More pruniness, more *where’s-the-fruitfly* washed-out blandness devoid of fruit and a presence of mouth 2 points riper than the ABV would dictate. Hot pepper commences about the time you give up searching for fruit, turning acridly poignant late-fade, with a dusting of Comet around the bowl for good measure.

2014 HITCHING POST Valdiguie Central Coast 13.4

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