Kerner Brilliance

Cheez-It’s and curry and BO and watermelon in what is easily my most nuanced, interesting, saline and clean-fruit-nose of the quarter. Horse stalls and muddy boots and a cold wind ruffling grass on peat.

WHAT IS THIS KERNER SORCERY?!? I have to admit, I am a bit green on this variety, but oh man is this thing singing. Re-think EVERYTHING you ever pre-determined about Lodi wine, because these Markus’ are the real dealio.

Fruit powerfully hits the tongue, backed up by a chainsaw carving competition high in the North woods, gritty Pendleton and a blistering no-ML acid trip clean and beautiful gradually gradually gradually oh-so-slowly leaving you with clean white grape juice–balanced carefully on a freshly-mopped chalkboard.

I’ve never been so excited about something from Lodi in my life.

2016 MARKUS ‘Nimmo’ White Blend Kerner/RS/Bacchus/GW 64/16/5/15 Lodi California 13.5

One thought on “Kerner Brilliance

  1. Sounds like Lodi is growing on you. I mentioned a few days ago that you would probably like the whites Markus makes. Great lineup across the board.

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