Forlorn Riesling

Pale straw, huge yeasty nose following the most spontaneous head you have seen in your life. Fortunately, it settles down as fast as it explodes. Over-ripe apple and burnt pie takes a greasy stain down alongside copious banana and fat cantaloupe.  Dirty and dank, with no clear fruit visible, this wine is designed for sales on paper.

In the mouth, thin unpleasant fruit. Vapid rusty metal and burnt plasticine shallowness surround what is supposed to be a bubbly brass pole of extra-special sexiness.  It is not.  Without the carbonation, we have a wine which quite possibly *might* be able to stand on its own but included, you just ask yourself–or anybody that will listen, “Why”. The word *novelty wine* springs to mind. Here’s what I am gonna do: This thing will go into the fridge uncapped for two days.  Then I will taste it again.  The spritz will be gone, and it is young and acidic enough I am sure it can withstand the potential of oxidation at 42 degrees.

2014 FORLORN HOPE Sparkling Riesling ‘Heinzelmann’ Kick-on Ranch Santa Barbara 12.5

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