Place Notes

Bright purple ruby. Young cassis and stupidly-good fruit blasts out of the nose. Gorgeous oak and a dried-spit kombucha life and liveliness carried on muscular shoulders. Budding voluptuousness not yet realized but obvious to all, wracking creative in the mouth–a brilliant fruit spice so lively, so fresh, cutting with the oblivious tongue of youth, and setting silent all with the strut of straight sex.

This might just be the best red wine from the Central Valley of California I have ever tasted.  St. Amant Souzao and Caredella Barbera come immediately to mind and at the expense of cross-branding, I only mention these because they represent–for me–some of the pinnacles of readily-available Central Valley wine.  But this little thing.  OMG. The perfect layers of round and full, the perfect dredgings of acid and earth, all in a Lodi blend nearly perfect in realization.

In the mouth, all that Petite Sirah hits hard–and it is a dense, concentrated version of Petite Sirah–but the fat chunks of single-vineyard Syrah and Mourvedre do not cloyingly fatten things up to yummy appreciable levels, but create a fruit so complex and a mouth-feel so solid you can’t argue against this blend. No simple red blend this is.  So ridiculously terroir-driven, not an ounce of flab ANYWHERE, forget all that pruney Lodi crap you’ve dranken in the past 20 years because THIS GUY right here is making wines fron Lodi unlike anyting you have ever tasted.  Incredibly, fresh, hi-arcing fruit, teeth-wipingly tannic and mineralific, it hits you round and full and leaves you boggled and wasted and you want SO much more of it. It’s ripe–don’t get me wrong.  I’m guessing a solid 15-oh. But oh man there are things going on in this wine to DIE for.

2015 MARKUS WINE COMPANY ‘Sol’ Red Blend PS/SY/MV 42/37/21 Lodi San Joaquin Valley California 14.9

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