Sweet Wonder

Pale yellow, effusive bubbles for ever and ever.  They literally just will. not. stop! Beautiful fruit in the nose after the tingling stops, bright apple over cellar floor and a teensy nuttiness.

I was recently sent a big care-package of Prosecco from Asolo–AFTER, of course, they convinced me these were SERIOUS Prosecco’s: All DOCG, mostly dry, a few methode, and NOT what we Americans typically think of when “Prosecco” is mentioned. I’ve had 3 so far (stay tuned) and even though this is NOT the dryest–by quite a bit–this might just be my favorite so far.

In the mouth, rich Martinelli’s with great spritz. There’s a fair bit of minerality to the texture, but I feel the sweetness is clouding this nuance a bit. Zesty spritz on the tongue and far into the finish, and the 2.5 dosage definitely shows alongside everything.

This is great bubbly–its got that butter texture and a slight citrus zang quite reminiscent of California sparklers.  It’s not Pinot–that’s for sure–but the great pine-apple and tropical fruit carry this thing nicely, and the touch of sweetness is kinda nice too!

2016 VILLA GIUSTINIANI Prosecco Superiore DOCG Asolo Veneto Italy 11.5


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