Take A Shower

Thin ruby with wide clear edges tinted amber.  Big smokey barnyard funk all dirty baby diapers and meadow-muffins with a heady concentration of flabby fruit and rubber band. Drrrrty and mineral-ridden in the nose, heavy-handed on the plush but with a clear Sonoma Coast clean-ness and acid-ridden alcohol-ness while somehow maintaining a brilliant fruit focus.

Dirty lil bish with a sharp tongue. Rich hippie all boho and ragged from across the street but as she gets closer it’s obvious her parents live in Mill Valley. And she has a Chase Sapphire Reserve. But the real reason I tried this wine? It’s from my favorite town in the entire state of California. Yup, you read that right. And if you haven’t been to Jenner, you haven’t seen California. And there’s a lot of girls in Jenner just like this one.

In the mouth, more dirtiness, abrasive funk on 11 washing all the fabulous cherry fruit down haltingly and bitterly.  Fruit fades significantly mid-palate, leaving you with a quandary of do I like this or not? definitely a 3-dimensional wine with a lot going on, but at the same time simple.  Fruit goes ugly late middle, leaving a burn and bitter still concentrated, but toasty and shallow. Burnt petrol in the finish, leaving a wash of fruit dangling amidst off-ish nuances not quite *green* and not quite *Burgundian* but definitely interesting.

For what I paid for this wine, I would firmly place it in *interesting* and *good Value*.  It is not an exemplary Pinot, by any means. But it doesn’t suck.

2013 JENNER VINEYARDS Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast Sonoma County California 14.4


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