Truly Madly Deeply

Light ruby with brilliant pink edges, not completely clear.  Effusive petrichor and fresh-scrubbed barnyard around a core of solid pomegranate-seed fruit and sweet honey reduction with edgy warm-wool and walnut-shell.

This guy’s Cabernet Franc makes you want to rethink your entire existence on the planet. Bosomy shards of velvet-edge broken glass glistening beautiful but if you touch them. THE cleanest most beautiful sterile barnyard & briar you’ve ever smelled and a mouth feel like gargling a champagne Drambuie dark chocolate covered espresso bean blackberry pie smoothie.

In the mouth, ridiculously thin vibrancy–and that won’t make sense unless you have had REAL Pinot and REALLY good Chinon or bojo–splashes its intense offerings all over, sudsing and cleansing all surfaces with an icy wash of perfect dark fruit, unbelievably concentrated on such a thin carrier. Huge bitter fruit mercilessly bathes everything in pure focused nectar.  Raspingly dry, acid etchings line the hall to the exit, and still: all that fruit maintains focus.

Chad Hinds makes the best soft-shouldered cab-franc in California period end of conversation. I thought his Bates Ranch Santa Cruz version last year was the end-all of end-alls, but there we go again. This wine isn’t for everybody and it’s a good thing because he doesn’t make enough of it for everybody. Find some if you can. you won’t believe what your tongue is telling you.

2016 METHODE SAUVAGE Cabernet Franc Alegria Vineyard RRV Sonoma County 13.0

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