Amityville Chardonnay Show

Light goldenrod, a little gaseous in the nose, coming in heavier on the oak than I expected, but all carried on a huge wash of lovely fruit, passion-fruit and strawberry over a mown-field sorta earthiness.

Drinking this–as I usually do whites–over a fair range of temperatures, it is interesting (as always) to note the *growth* of the various properties of the wine at different temperatures. I opened it straight out of the cellar at maybe 65F, and it was a big round oak & butter bomb, lots of ripe tropical: the full pina-colada spectrum. But chilled down into the 53-55 range, it becomes far more daiquiri- or margarita-esque, showing biting fruit and acidity with completely un-flabby characteristics. I wouldn’t think of drinking it colder than that. People, listen: if you’re drinking your whites out of the fridge at 36 or 38, you need to just unfollow me now, because THAT is a crime against wine and your soul. I actually have my refrigerator set to 42F, and I tried this wine at that temp and it was a bitter little rock, unforgiving and awkward. HOW can people drink their chardonnay that cold?!?!?

In the mouth, beautiful full, round vanilla and buttery fruit. The oak really shines here, and I was quite expecting this thing to be more Burgundian in style. But no, it is a full yummy oak & butter–but a decidedly different viscosity than Sonoma and RRV, Carneros et al. That’s pretty much the best way to describe it. There’s a rich decadent brilliance to it while a spear of acid shears it off into nice fruity, spicy, and biting chunks. Yes it is new barrels and malo, but there is a decided sprightly-ness to it. And nothing green or weird like can come across in Oregon Pinots.

If you like California Chardonnay, you will love this thing. It has a small dose of the oak & butter we have all come to love, but with a low-alcohol zing and zest Oregon pulls off stunningly.

2015 CAMERON HUGHES Chardonnay ‘Lot 549’ Eola-Amity Hills Willamette Valley Oregon 13.0

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