A ballet dancer, a flower girl, an elegant wedding, all white silk and black wool and long trains and stone cathedrals and stained glass sprinkling its cobalt and amber spice on the gathered rows, the vicar very stern, nobody’s giggling and then there’s this pristine delicate adolescent beauty floating down the dank gauntlet between pews the oil rubbed off of decades ago from the thousands of penitent asses that have slid over them but today nobody’s looking at their watch to see how soon they can go out in the sunshine. All minds have forgotten the vows of innocence about to begin and all is focused on this radiant beauty flitting through, perfect grace raining delicate floral and uplifting spice on eyes that can’t look away.

Light ruby–not perfectly clear–out to wide pink edges.  Raw beef and floral, and deep inside that lovely Anderson Valley briar lurks, but under a cold stream of pale fruit–firm green seedless grapes and still-crisp plum.

This Pinot doesn’t jump out and mob you. A BEAUTIFUL package–label, bottle, capsule, the whole deal, I LOVE the “CALIFORNIA”!!!–and the juxtaposition of this incredible visual against the ethereal delicate liquid inside is a testament to the direction (fortunately) more and more New World Pinot producers are going.  And I embrace it wholeheartedly.  This is a beautiful Pinot, and–like the bridge of a great song–gives you just enough to make you HAVE to listen again.

In the mouth, pretty, sweet fruit–just GORGEOUS. More delicacy.  More light, bright. Cola and wet paper swerve in and out among the rose-hips and pie cherry, and a shearing tannin grows from the acid and briar to seal the deal.

I’ve been a fan of Anderson Valley for 30 years, and I love seeing its fruit pop up on labels.  THIS one breaks the mold a bit, and any serious Pinot-phile should get their hands of a couple of these.  You’re going to be hearing a lot about this label, I promise.

2016 REEVE WINES Pinot Noir Anderson Valley Mendocino County California 13.3

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