Get Gigiò Wid It

Massive fruit nose all caramelized pretty, weaving black tea, red dust and sandstone into a perfect macrame for your healthiest fern. Magnificent ripeness and nice structure, it all comes through overwhelmingly on the nose.

A brilliant wine and I haven’t even tasted it yet–I don’t need to. Wines like this you just KNOW. I say “buy a case and drink one a year” fairly often but every once in awhile something comes along that you can’t help but say buy 2 cases and drink one a year. This is one of those wines. I really feel this has all the properties involved in being a gorgeous wine in a quarter century.

This is one of those Italians you check and recheck the label to make sure that it’s REALLY SANGIOVESE you’re drinking and not some super-Tuscan half Merlot quarter cab plumped-up bullshit. Just a stupidly good wine, and–unlike your last girlfriend–delicious fruit streamlined and unlying–not a speck of flab on it anywhere. Gorgeous acid ricochets in all directions against chalky walls and blistering tannins–tannins doing everything possible to dissuade you from the sweet forever finish. It’s a fair fight. Call your wine shop and find out who reps this label in your area and tell him to get you some.

2013 POGGIO LA NOCE ‘Gigio’ Sangiovese/Colorino 90/10 Toscana Italy 14.0

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