Girl You Know It’s True

Clear light canary. Interesting nose mixing cider and cellar with definite cinnamon. allspice and phone book. Creamy and sweet-smelling, bringing just enough fermentation notes to the fruit & green-briar party.

I just ADORE the slight up-tick in popularity Chenin Blanc is enjoying. So many great new producers–many of them IPOB-y and edgy–are joining the ranks of the stalwarts who have produced bottling of this variety quietly for decades. But for years, it has been tasting-room or club-only offerings. NOW you are actually starting to see Chenin Blanc on shelves! It will never break Chardonnay’s strangle-hold on the white wine market in America, but it is nice to see a teensy bit of branching out.

A little bitter green grass is the first thing to bite your tongue. followed by a positively strawberry fruit kick. Clean and beautiful all across the palate, the texture of the briar slowly growing into the finish, finally caving in to the honeydew and kiwi.

I know some of you might be getting tired of my constant praise of Chenin Blanc, and I am not merely riding a trendy tide. I love this grape, always have–and I pick them very carefully–and they always glow. And Clarksburg makes the best Chenin Blanc in the world. Girl you know it’s true.

2016 LA PITCHOUNE Chenin Blanc ‘La Bombe’ Merritt Island Clarksburg 12.2

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