Smells Like Teen Spirit

Well this is a strange bird! Fairly dense day-glo purple Jimi Hendrix edges. Cut flower stem nose, daffodils and thick tubers, earthy and shyly sultry while still packing floral alongside the fair bit of savory glow. Baby powder with woman-ish glow.

You honestly don’t know what to expect next. This thing could go anywhere in the mouth. It could go Pilates-mom cloying sweet & floral effortlessly; It could go weird, hipster-somm awkward, belligerent to common sense and taste; But it doesn’t. It stays true to the experience I have had so far with ALL Deux Punx wine: It goes seamlessly perfect and balanced in the mouth. Youthful–beyond youthful–almost green-wine tasting but without any of the horribleness of green-wine. Beautifully shrill, while delicate to lacy loveliness, all carried on bullet-proof structure and a lemonade acid.

What a gorgeous wine–and I don’t really seek out strange varieties, my batting average with them is not a high number. I rolled my eyes pretty hard when I open this box. But this one… Let’s be honest: It’s not for everyone. And you’re either going to HATE it or LOVE it. I don’t think there’s too much grey area on this bottle. I don’t think anybody’s going to say, “Yeah… it’s OK.” You’re either going to be inspired by this wine, drawn into its charms and blown away by all the nuances it offers or you’re going to look back into your glass while swirling and say, “Interesting.” I am FIRMLY in the former camp.

2016 DEUX PUNX Teroldego Clarksburg California 12.5

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