Zinfandel Goalz

Dirty kinda staining opaque garnet.  Sexy barnyard and cassis speak to a time when Zinfandel was great. Opponents will say it has no typicity, but why do we need flabby prune juice just to prove the contents indeed match the variety printed on the label? Most of you don’t remember–or haven’t been drinking wine long enough–Zin in its glory days: about 1979 to 1993. When it had cab-structure and Syrah acidity and Pinot funk. I’ve always loved the Zinfandels from St. Helena and I would be surprised if the AL was out of the low-14’s. Gobs and gobs of fruit and not a SPECK of oxidation or brick. Smooth mellow balckberry and ripe plum crush against citrus brilliance. Green-bark tannins still curl into the finish, not letting up for NOTHING. Zin with tannin? Let that soak in for a while. A stupidly-good wine at 10YO. Holy crap I wish I had another case of these.

2007 CHARLES KRUG Zinfandel St. Helena Napa Valley 14.4


One thought on “Zinfandel Goalz

  1. I remember great CA zins, always call them the great pretender, 30-40yr olds can taste like a claret, a Bordeaux etc. Surprised Charles Krugman has something like this.

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