2016 CASTELLO MONACI Kreos Negroamaro Salento IGT Italy 13.0
Rosy garnet pink–quite dark. Big nose of red wine tempered with the acid associated with rosé. Gorgeous round nose–full and unctuous–crammed with minerality and aplomb while crazy savory. Full mouth-feel, fruit concentrated into candied areas edged by oak and acid. Spicy acidity finishes out in grand fashion with ripe comfortable fruit adjoining.

2016 ARIDUS Arizona 13.3
Dark pink. Greasy sage and chaparral with a bit of electrical fire and melted plastic. Fat bouquets of foliage adorn much of the nose, coupled with a reduction of sweetness. Sumptuously sweet in the mouth, crazy ripe fruit dulled down into flaccid areas of glycerine and Chinese 5-spice but a mouth-feel like a light red wine. Full oaky finish–smooth and lush–not rosé-ish at all. I would not kick this thing out of bed and I am LOVING these wines from Arizona.

2016 KING’S CAREY Grenache Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara County 11.5
Ridiculously light pink. Spicy barnyard nose tells you all the Provence things you need to know, but with a So-Cal ripeness and barnyard difficult to place. Pear and nectarine run straight into green briar perfection. Sweetness in the nose translates to fresh fruit in the mouth, and is so searingly dry it feels cravenly pointed at rosé. This one NAILS it and at a little over a year old, reeks honey and suckle and deep ripeness in all directions despite the light color and low-test.

2016 DEUX PUNX Pinot Gris Santa Cruz County California 13.5
Pale onion skin with barely any pink to it. Dirty baby diaper, asphalt and restaurant back-alley give so much funk and desire to this one. Tapenade and Roquefort dash all your bright fruity dreams into sultry savory visions. In the mouth, still and relatively fruitless, running on salty acid more than anything else. And still that funk permeates everything all the way through the finish of chilling ice-water.

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