Light Density

There’s no way this girl can punch her weight–she’s just a waif in the glass and in the hand but you spend 10 seconds contemplating and it becomes immediately clear this is no dainty knitting club member. BBQ sauce and squished bug vie for savory dominance over acres of flooded warm bog land rife with greenery and wildflowers throughout the dank mud. A mouthfeel like kissing your girlfriend’s neck after a long run, but the delicate mist she bathed in lingers and brightens, running beads of soft compote down baby-skin curves onto firm flesh. So pretty. So shy and still so confident. So teenage girl and so ancient library. Reads in church and smokes by the back door. Crisp paper envelopes in brass boxes with black dials. Good wine should not be a straight line to perfection. It is a meandering course of juxtapositions. And this Last Bottle Wines CdP find is just that. This is my FAVORITE wine-service. Subscribe at Because by the time you see them here it’s probably too late.

2015 DOMAINE ALBIN JACUMIN La Bégude des Papes CdP Rhone France 15.0

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