Deep garnet al the way through, no edge. A spice nose screaming ripe chunks of ZINFANDEL in all directions meets you with floral touches and a deep gully-briar muddy cola, burnt and vivid. There is no mistaking this for Zinfandel, gentle blustery round and generous–plump, even–fruit fills the bouquet, and the ripeness intwines itself with the apparent alcohol.

I took this Zin to a big party a few months ago and it was a big hit. Not JUST because of the Trinity County factor, but because it hits “Zinfandel” on so many levels. It hits it on the lower levels as a ripe, generously fruited–flat-out YUMMY–wine, plush and friendly; and it hits on a little more of an aficionado level by being true to variety, not over-done, clean and vibrant, and of course not stupidly hi-alc. I’m going to guess this thing hits in the hi-14’s.

In the mouth, a methodical tannin hits right behind the fruit, but the fruit is never swayed of focus. Clean and bright–well, as bright as 5-year-old Zinfandel is going to be. Spicy-bitter middle engaging a lovely cacophony of eucalyptus, mint, black tea and walnuts brings acidic savory to new levels. Everything fades off into a deep sea of beautiful black cherry and dried plum.

A gorgeous Zinfandel.

2013 CARINI Zinfandel Dubakella Trinity County California 14.9

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