Toasted almond salted caramel Butterfinger savory goodness with enough reduction to make the tooth fairy raise her hand. Lush melon, rhubarb pie and an almost chartreuse herb-tea earthiness supporting the orange-blossom sultry notes connect all the dots in this beautiful portrait of Champagne. Death Valley dry ZERO-dosage 100% Pinot austerity twisted around a goldenrod package with generous fine mousse and a cream-soda finish crackling on all sides with razor-taut verve. Another @sommselect find. Hey if Ian Cauble recommends it, do you think it’s shit? That’s what I thought. Follow them at http://www.sommselect.com and have a chance at stuff like this Marie Courtin grower.

NV MARIE COURTIN Pinot Noir disgorged 1.16 Champagne 12.0


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