Brick Upon Brick

Last night I had the opportunity to sneak-preview the brand spanking new Brick Barn Estate Winery in Santa Ynez Valley just on the edge of Buellton. Actually this is an old Arabian horse ranch from 30 years ago that has been pretty much sitting idle for the last 20 of those.

Complete, no expense spared fabulous adaptation to a winery. I’m calling it an adaptation instead of remodel because they literally are using almost all the original horse ranch accoutrements of the building including converting the original stalls into offices, restrooms and event spaces and exercise arenas into outdoor gathering areas. Most of the original 1970s architectural features have been preserved or embellished.

The cool thing about this winery is they are committed from day 1 to be 100% estate and have purposely prolonged the renovation and opening for enough years to actually serve the first few vintages from the estate. So many times you go to a grand opening of a winery and the first two or three years are purchased fruit but not here.

The vines are all very young–in 4th 5th or 6th leaf–but all the wines they are serving are from them. A state-of-the-art winery plus barrel room has been aesthetically added to the rear of the barn. I know it doesn’t really look like a barn in classical terms but it literally is a brick barn that used to be full of horses.

An absolute Dream Team of local wine professionals have been assembled to make this beautiful spot a reality. Scroll through the pictures for a cameo with winemaker Rob Dafoe, who has been brought in full time to oversee all aspects of production from the dirt up. These are not going to be tourist wines!

This place is literally, like, 3 blocks from the freeway at the Buellton exit and commands a beautiful view overlooking the valley. They will be open full-time this coming weekend and also will be pouring @santabarbarawinecountry Vintners Festival the 21st in Lompoc. @brickbarnwineestate is a new MUST-VISIT when headed for @visitsyv wine country or just cruising through on The 101.

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