Friday the 13th

Dark garnet.  Considerably staining with heavy bricking and medium sediment.  High mint and smooth sailing work hard to obscure smokey licorice. Huge expanses of cut grass pull caramel and BBQ into an incredible fruit soup intoxicating and elevating.

Just being in the presence of this wine makes you want to be in love. Everything you thought was going to go wrong about this one you were wrong about. All the shallowness, all the brashness, all the intellectual aloofness traded it in for petty forwardness have vanished and in their place a spectacular young woman, poised and elegant in her own way capable of taking on the world. You won’t let this one slip away again.

Piles of dusty rose and pie crust mingle with leather and tarnish polished to perfection but the youthful vigor of cherry and energy of black walnut show a readiness to lead.

Next time you’re in the supermarket with one of those stupid six packs to fill and you’ve got your tequila and your vodka in it go over to the wine department and grab a couple of these. Take them home and stick them in your cellar. Do this for 20 years. You’re welcome.

2004 BERINGER VINEYARDS Cabernet Sauvignon Knight’s Valley Sonoma County 14.1

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