A garnet brett-bomb churning dirty baby diaper and barnyard so hard into polished acidic fruit jammed up to the rafters with licorice and leather faded so perfectly, so euro, so un-slutty, so polished, a fading stain on the stone floor and yet it is exactly what it should be this moment: Rich fruit bogged down in all kinds of tertiary, lifted by zesty wonders and tempered with bitter tannin memories which can’t quite escape the sweet pie cherry.

I’ve never done this before and I’m not going to make it a habit but I actually bought this @bevmo_co on the 5 cent sale so yeah I’m actually endorsing this wine pretty hard which isn’t going to happen a lot but if I were you I would check my local and see if they have this because for 10 bucks this is stupidly good wine. Granted, it’s not “clean, fruit forward wine” so if you’re one of those people just look the other way but if you’re familiar with my palate–which I hope you are–this wine is a total winner.

I suppose it could have some Sangiovese in it but I’m guessing not more than 50% and it really feels like a lot of Merlot.

2011 TENUTA FOLONARI ‘Pegaso’ IGT Toscano Italy 13.5

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