Sincere Sancerre

A beautiful buttery Euro entry–no cat piss here–old cellar and concrete shining through on peach-fuzz and grassy florals.

The PREVIOUS offering from this label, No. 1 DARK & BOLD was a Cab-Merlot-dominant red blend from Paso Robles, and I expected pretty much the same for the white sophomore effort. But NO. We went a WHOLE NOTHER direction with this one now didn’t we?!?! I couldn’t believe my eyes reading this label. They actually drove to Loire and brought back some Sancerre for us. How thoughtful!

In the mouth, lime and limestone bring lychee and green bark around for a ride, horsehair and wool providing cushion. A long finish of curt spices and Granny Smith acid bring everything full-circle. (55°F)

A fun wine taking negociant to a whole new level with its fun packaging and cool graphics. It says I’m supposed to drink this with nachos, sushi and noodles. I’ll drink it with whatever I want. I LOVE the focus of this producer. If this introduces even ONE American to the beauty of French wine through un-snobby labeling, I’m all in.

2016 OBVIOUS WINES ‘N° 2 Bright & Crisp’ Sauvignon Blanc Loire Valley France 12.0

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