Sierra Nose, Sonoma Taste

Crimson pink, light and bright–practically glowing with pink electricity. No edge, just a rim where the pink drops off. Green rubber electric also flows out of the glass, a wall of bright plum and apricot fruit, a breeze of designer perfume with just the right amount of tarry ripeness to tell you it is the foothills. A deep core of blackberry seed and walnut astringency gives the green-brier note I find irresistable, but here it is coated with a nice slather of Sierra sunshine.

In the mouth, a simple bright soda-pop fruit, refreshing and clean, backed up with intense acid and tannins end on a high-note of sweetness. It’s all beautiful cherry fruit through-out, refreshing and clean–I know I said that at least once already, but there really is no better way to describe it on the palate.

I’m going to guess 12-8 on the alcohol–there isn’t a breath of it anywhere, but I have a hard time imagining an El Dorado Foothills much under 13. Then again… we are lucky to have some incredible people doing some here-to-fore unthought-of things with foothill and Central Valley fruit. If you are into all the forward-thinking young gun-slingers of Sonoma Coast, Santa Barbara and even Lodi, you need to get your hands on some of this Irene.

2016 IRENE WINE Syrah El Dorado AVA El Dorado County California 12.4

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