White House

Pale goldenrod with a definite hint of green. Fresh donut and clear bright grassy thin floral smothers a hint of oak and a perfect petrol.

Fairly viscous in the mouth, roasted vegetables and crisp chicken skin bring on a shrill lemon-peel burn at 50-55°. At 45-50°, much more mineral on the sides of the tongue and that soft buttery Chardonnay typicity on the middle. Grimy and greasy while incredibly bright and acidic either way, it churns off into clouds of smoke and tannin into the finish, leaving behind *just enough* Chardonnay charm and rich zesty fruit to not be mistaken for anything else.

Sonoma Coast* is hot hot HOT and cranking out some of my favorite Burgundians right now. This is no exception and at 9 barrels and 3 years old, there is good chance this is sold out. Get it–or newer models–if you can.

*I purposely don’t write a WINE101 blog, but run into a fair number of even fairly well-informed wine-people who have not educated themselves on this AVA. So I am making a special exception this time to make sure EVERYONE is noticing the exact verbiage of the appellation. Please note it is both but neither “Sonoma County” or “North Coast” but a very special AVA which has actually been around for several decades but only recently became popular on labels as a way for the far-west cooler-climate ocean-influenced producers to stand out.

2014 LA PITCHOUNE Chardonnay Sonoma Coast Sonoma County 14.2


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