Clarksburg Elevation: 10

Pale pale pale pale pale. Beautiful creamy neutral oak, cellar floor and all that banana-peach-creme pie you crave, packed in shiny waxed paper boxes with coarse cotton strings tying the corners valiantly together until your fork commences rounding them off.

Have I ever told you how much I love Clarksburg Chenin? Yeah. I thought so. Those of you who are not well-versed in Northern California might not understand there’s this HUGE delta. Like, think: the Nile delta. Actually, it’s the opposite–and I won’t get everyone bogged down in a bunch of Wine 101 terroir bullshit, but it’s a different style of delta than most places in the world. This kind of delta disperses sediment INLAND. FAR inland. Clarksburg is probably what, a hundred miles from the ocean? This is ANCIENT delta area, long drained for the preservation and expansion of Sacramento city. The Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers–fed by the American, Consumnes and Mokelumne rivers–gradually fans out into a maze of sloughs and islands built of thousands of years’ worth of bottom silt before it becomes San Pablo Bay. Contra Costa County, Sacramento County, Solano and Yolo county grape production are all planted in this bottomless silt. Forget your mono-syllabic instruction on volcanic, chalk or limestone–or even Central Valley floor. This is a whole different bird, and it WORKS. My two favorite regions of this massive wash of mud, sand and water are Clarksburg and Contra Costa County. I DARE you to explore the wines from these areas.

In the mouth, so delicate, so beautifully packed with luscious floral tea, nectar and tart fruit. So bright, so light, and still so heady. Put all your chardonnay and Sauv-blanc dreams and ideals in the freezer and step up to Chenin. It is literally quite possibly the world’s most perfect white wine. (CALL 911. Riesling-dude just had a coronary)

2017 SILT WINE CO Chenin Blanc Wilson Vineyards Clarksburg CA 13.1

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