Purple, man, purple. First thing you notice when you pour is the purple. Medium-heavy purple ruby and lightly staining. Big dull nose of inexpensive Napa cab. Fruit runs on a sort of muddled briar and cardboard with scant complexity outside some textbook cassis and dank earth carried on flat root-beer and noticeable heat. Decanted hard.

I don’t know what this wine costs, but I’m guessing it a fair inexpensive-to-middle-ground Napa Valley cab. Everyone knows my FAVORITE subject in the world is bargain Napa Cab, and this lil thang fits right in there beautifully. It just suffers from not being an elegant wine. I haven’t tasted it yet, but it’s not complex. This is not to say it is a bad wine. Probably worth every penny in today’s Napa prices.

In the mouth, intense concentration is your first impression. It’s thikkk and black-tasting, chewy and pore=clogging. The heat comes through early–this thing’s gotta be 14-7 EASY–but somewhat polishes itself down into spicy briar, keeping gobs and gobs of blackberry, coffee, wet leather and black walnut afloat all around the tongue. Literally CHEWY, and teeth-wipingly dense, the finish is the brightest and lightest, where the fruit goes positively sunny alongside gentle tannins and licorice and maybe even a couple g/l.

This is big, young bruiser that could stand for a year or two of resting–but not much more. This is not an aging wine–this is an adolescent beauty you drink and love now and don’t over-think. Muddy and dull in the nose, the dripping jam on the palate makes up for everything. If this is a $50 cab, buy a 6-pack. If it’s $35, buy a case. This is crack-wine.

2015 EMERSON BROWN Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.5

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