Twinsies. Not.

First stop Primitivo… big nose but I wouldn’t really call it FWD and I’m not going to call it jammy, it’s your big beautiful Zinfandel fruit: plush and round but it’s got a bunch of burnt tire, diesel and dust, AstroTurf and squished bugs making it a gamey little spice monster what just a touch of heat in the nose–I’m going to say it’s north of 15 but I’ve smelled a lot of Paso far sluttier than this. Tasting it–man I’m still smelling it! This’s got a fabulous little petrichor on a fresh pour that does flab up a little bit with air but it’s nice. Tasting it: thin bright fruit not overstuffed in the least, nice and clean beautiful perfect Zinfandel–you know that flavor: nothing headed into prune at all–bright cranberry, good bitter richness, nice acidity and good tannin, no heat in the mouth at all–a little pepper in the finish, that’s about it. Beautiful stuff.

Whoa: Dancing Crow far darker, denser and purpleyer. Completely different nose all sugary cleaness to the fruit and a dank barnyard streak backing things up. I’ll bet you this thing labels lower alcohol than the Paso but I also think it’s got a little RS in it. Steely nose does show a little bit of heat but it’s got fruit: big melon, black cherry, spearmint and peach skin fruit so concentrated it kind of overrides everything.  In the mouth the fruit really takes control but there’s a greenish to it that makes the acid and tannin much more forward. It comes off far denser and chewier than the Paso and the finish note is way higher, boosted by a little sugar. It could have to do with the age.  Wow what fun, two complete polar opposites from areas you don’t typically think of first when it comes to Zinfandel.

Paso Robles’ homage to the Mexican vineyard worker, and the first 2017 I think I have ever drank in my life.  Oh and watch Lake County.  Mark my words.  Lake County is going to explode, you just watch.

2017 DANCING CROW Zinfandel Lake County California 14.5
2016 Sculpterra HEROE Primitivo Paso Robles California 15.3

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