Simi, Simi, Simi

Nothing screams barbecue quite like Alexander Valley and why not something with a little bit of polish on it for good measure?? This beauty has ALWAYS drank WAY above it’s price-point and I’m curious, for Sonoma, which would you drink first: the 2007, the 2008, or the 2009? All quite different vintages and the *experts* almost all rate them in descending order from ’07.  At the $20 PP, do you drink the “better” vintage first or the “harder” vintages first?  Is it the same pattern for your expensive Napa-Sonoma cabs?

Well, I opened the 7, and it is a booming lil honey-dripper with initial heavy funk, incredible tertiary going full-at the jellied fruit, deep and dessert-like, black and bright at the same time bolstered no doubt by both Simi’s characteristic high acid and low alcohol, and Alex’s super-size structure. I’m glad I have multiples of these, and at the same time am reminding myself to DRINK THEM. Sonoma doesn’t really have a “Class of 72” like Napa, but if it did, SIMI would be there. Basically can’t do wrong in my book.

12-hr UPDATE:  Overnight, one glass left in bottle, forgot to preserve–no pump, no gas, no refrigeration, nothing–and it is PERFECT.  Opened up a little bit more, no oxidation, tertiary on FIRE. A testament to how well this wine is made.

2007 SIMI WINERY Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma County 13.5

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