How Do You Like Your Hilltop?

Impenetrable black, even at the smallest depths.  Staining and viscous, flabby nose blasting out piles and piles of fresh fruit, oil enamel and Kalamata on opening, dense dark concentrated black cherry, lacquer and barnyard on extended breathing.  Cinnamon-dusted cake-frosting and pools of still, warm oil vie with intense licorice and wilted stem for the biggest bouquet ever on a baby baby cab.

Literally THE bang-for-your-buck Paso Robles cab and it shocks me what an undiscovered secret this bottle remains after so many years and nearly nation-wide marketing and plenty to go around.  People:  Stop ignoring J. Lohr for being a 200k case supermarket sell out and start paying attention to the VINEYARD SERIES-and-above labels from this producer!  Hilltop Cab is the PERFECT example of the just-barely-out-of-reach next label series being SOOOOO much better than the $9 J. Lohr for the masses.  Find these wines!  Find the Hilltop cab.  Find the 3 Arroyo Seco Chardonnays.  Find the Monterey Pinots.  Find the Tower Road Petite Sirah and Wildflower Valdiguie.  Find the POM, ST. E and PAU bordelais-replicants.  You are seriously missing out by ignoring all of this producers GOOD wines.

In the mouth, beautiful clean goodness, slightly drying post-entry and tempering a tendency towards syrupy with a streak of acid and approaching tannin.  Always fairly heavy-handed in the oak department, these are crowd-pleaser cabernets, delicious and structured which drink awesome on release and even better with 5 or ten years on them.

I am always shocked by the Paso cabernets I find on restaurant lists which are undrinkable while ignoring this little beauty right in front of everyone’s eyes.  J. Lohr is the real dealio, folks.  If you haven’t found the wines they make at this level, you are doing yourself a grand dis-service.  Stop drinking that 7-Oaks plonk and step up to Hillside.

2015 J. LOHR Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 14.9

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