Nice Grouping

Clear garnet, tapering effortlessly through orange and wide clear to the edge. Sumptuous nose, showing all manner of cinnamon and licorice, mincemeat, boiled hotdogs and mint, sweat and horsehair, earth and weeds. A beautiful canned fruit core stays solid, glistening Jolly Rancher and Brach’s Imperials, but never losing sight of the barnyard.

So… “Supergroup” kinda tattles on itself before you turn the bottle around. If you were going to do a blend–a SMV Pinot blend–a premium blend, what three vineyards would you choose? Bien Nacido’s a no-brainer. If you can get this fruit: you use it wisely. I know Presqu’ile has only been on the consumer’s mind for a few years, but it goes way back with the La Fenetre brand and Joshua Klapper. Likewise Riverbench. These are very mature vines down on dredge tailings on the–you’ll never guess–river bench that have been the mainstays of SMV for years but only since the owners hired a winemaker and opened a tasting room for a few bottles of their own making have the general public started noticing this word on Pinot and Chard labels. Quite a super group.

In the mouth, thin brilliance. Let me clarify something. I use the word “thin” a lot–probably most often with Pinot. I know from feedback it confuses a lot of people. In today’s wine market of bigger-is-better and big boozy bombs and concentration being king, *thin* is barely recognized. Not with me. “Thin” is almost ALWAYS a compliment. Just remember that.

In the mouth, thin brilliance. Delicate dusty rose and wet sandpaper wash a little PEZ down with black walnut and tea solidifying that breath of cherry into the substantial tannins. As much as we all roll our eyes at “A super long finish going on for ever and ever,” I am going to be guilty here and say you literally can taste this wine–despite its delicate mouthfeel and appearance–for ever and ever. Just a beautiful pinot.

2014 TIMBRE WINERY ‘Supergroup’ Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara Co. 13.0

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