Queen Esther

Pitch black night in the glass, dark ruby out to an abrupt edge. Huge over-concentrated nose rife with tar, alcohol and just flat-out mean-spiritedness. Too much, just WAY too much for its own good. A problematic bouquet-sequence of cherry so dense and mint so intense and alcohol so eucalyptus, the sinuses clog while the eyes water.

In the mouth, a massive pillar of decadent fruit races full-bore toward the prize, chewingly thick, stand-a-fork-up-in-it maceration alongside more of that pesky alcohol. Listen, if you drink the big-bore-bros of Napa, I DARE you to find one of these, plop down LITERALLY 1/10th the price and call it your daily drinker. They did it here, and they did it for nothing. This is a ridiculously popular style of wine and I don’t see its popularity waning anytime soon. And honestly, this is a pretty good version of it.

2012 ESTERLINA Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma 14.9


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