Tour Salivate

Show me a fair ribbon and I will run so fast. Print scores from literally anyone–especially bloggers haha–and I will roll my eyes so hard. BUT! over the years I have had really really good luck with these little d’Or stickers. You see them in shops and supermarche in France a lot more than here but I’ve always had really good luck with them. And it’s totally a tail wagging the dog thing. I mean: I don’t buy them because they have the gold sticker I buy them based on the label–the way you’re supposed to buy wine–and I get them home and they’re good and I noticed over the years a fairly large number of good inexpensive wines have had these stickers. This is no exception. I paid pennies for this BDX, and it smells like Bordeaux and it tastes like Bordeaux. There’s 9/10ths of the battle, son!
This is not a grating, impossible to drink, stupidly young Bordeaux. If anything, its faults would be in the large and flabby category. It’s ripe, it’s low on tannin, but the dog shit in the nose is mixed quite well with raisin and licorice. Attack brings big CA-style fruit tempered with a sort of Mendocino-ish green-ness and a pine-pitch, black walnut middle showcases the cold mineral underneath and transports the whole thing into a finish slightly bitter and slightly alcoholic. But I paid less than $20 for this wine.

2015 CHATEAU TOUR SAUVALADE Bordeaux France 13.5

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